Can Dogs Get Hemorrhoids

Can Dogs Get Hemorrhoids?

It is a known fact that dogs can get hemorrhoids like symptoms. However, it’s not as clear if they are the same as human hemorrhoids or something different. This article will explore a question that is on the mind of every dog owner. Can dogs get hemorrhoids? The answer to this question can be found […]

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Can Dogs Get Pink Eye

Can Dogs Get Pink Eye?

The short answer is yes, just like people, dogs can get pink eye and it is quite common too. What is pink eye in dogs? Pink eye or conjunctivitis is the inflammation and irritation of the tissues that line the eye and eyelid, called the conjunctiva. It can affect both eyes simultaneously or in just […]

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two brown short-coated dogs laying on bed

Can Dogs Get Warts?

Yes, dogs can get warts. In most cases, warts are not a serious problem and may disappear after some time. Warts are viral papillomas of the skin. These are benign tumors. Benign refers to those tumors that are not able to move from their point of origin. Warts have a stalk leading to rough growth. […]

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