Can Dogs Get Hemorrhoids

It is a known fact that dogs can get hemorrhoids like symptoms. However, it’s not as clear if they are the same as human hemorrhoids or something different. This article will explore a question that is on the mind of every dog owner. Can dogs get hemorrhoids? The answer to this question can be found in understanding what hemorrhoid actually is and how it affects dogs.

Can dogs get hemorrhoids?

The answer to this question is dogs cannot get hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are defined as a common condition that occurs when the veins in and around the anus become swollen. They can get irritated from poor diet or increased pressure due to constipation and pregnancy. These veins, over time, get distended and become a source of real pain that disturbs the daily routine.

However, the dog body is a little different from humans; they have horizontal deposition while humans have vertical. Due to this difference in body structure, dogs cannot suffer from hemorrhoids.

If anyone diagnoses piles in dogs, they may be due to certain tumors that grow in the anal region and cause inflammation and prolapse in the whole area. These type of tumors if continues to grow can develop in the condition of hemorrhoids.

What actually are dogs suffering from?

If hemorrhoids are not common in dogs, then what are the conditions that your pup is suffering from? Here are some conditions:

  • Redness in the anal region
  • Inflammation of anus
  • Anal tumors
  • Parasites
  • Difficulty in defecation


Dogs cannot get hemorrhoids. Dogs can develop conditions similar to humans, though, which are worth discussing with your vet. If you’ve been reading and thinking about how we can help your pet live a happier life, consult your vet immediately.

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