Can Dogs Eat Calamari

What exactly is calamari? It is a fancy term that is used to describe squid recipes. Therefore, we can ask the question this way; “Can dogs eat Calamari”? Well, squids/calamari are highly tasty and nutritious. But are they nutritious and tasty for humans alone, or does the same also apply to dogs?

The short and quick answer to the above-mentioned question is NO. You should not allow your dogs to freely consume calamari. A lot of pet owners still feed their canines with squids. Let us discuss what could happen to your dogs’ health when you are feeding them with calamari.

Can dogs consume calamari/squids? – The upside of squids

Without a doubt, there are tons of protein in calamari, and this protein benefits both canines and humans. Just like other seafood, calamari has protein that builds and improves muscle mass. This also applies to dogs.

Calamari also has low caloric content, which makes it popular. The levels of fats and calories from this team can be reduced more, depending on how you prepare the calamari.

Copper and zinc are other healthy minerals that are present in calamari. Zinc helps to boost growth and cell division. It encourages the healing of a wound and also helps to prevent excessive bleeding. Copper, on the other hand, combines with iron to enhance the formation of red blood cells.

So, these are what make the consumption of calamari beneficial. But, that has not yet answered the question mentioned above; can dogs eat calamari? This question can only be answered when you know the downside.

Can dogs consume calamari/squids? – The downside of squids

  • Calamari can result in an allergic reaction

Many methods are used to prepare calamari, and these include frying, steaming, baking, and grilling. Since it is very nutritious, it is full of high protein and low fat. But, you should know that highly nutritional elements by the method used in preparing calamari.

For example, fried calamari causes the loss of the entire nutrition. So, when it comes to nutrition, it is a very bad idea to give your dog fried calamari.  Frying or grilling calamari results in excess saturated fats, along with salt and spices that are not good for the digestive health of your dog.

It is no longer a surprise to hear that the most nutritious food for dogs is when it is raw. But does that mean that it is okay to feed raw calamari to your dog? Certainly not! This is because squid is seafood, and dogs are not used to feeding on sea animals. Therefore, it means that feeding raw calamari to your dog might cause allergic reactions, like vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, and constipation.

  • It can lead to other serious medical problems.

There is every reason to say that calamari can cause severe medical conditions in your four-legged companions. This is especially true when it comes to fried calamari, as saturated fats are unhealthy for even humans, talk less of dogs. So, it is clear that calamari is unsafe for dogs. This also applies to sautéed and breaded calamari.

Giving your dog foods that contain high-fat content results in unnecessary weight gain and more. Unhealthy foods such as these can also cause pancreatitis. Nausea and fever are the symptoms of this condition, while the extreme symptoms include vomiting, depression, and severe abdominal pain. Additionally, obesity in dogs opens the way for more debilitating diseases like diabetes.

  • It can lead to toxicity.

You also need to remember that there are high levels of copper and mercury in calamari and that squids are seafood. There are toxic metals in seafood, and you wouldn’t want your pet to consume them.

When mercury finds its way into the body, it causes several types of behavioral and neurological issues to form, such as chronic headaches, convulsions, insomnia, and emotional instability. At such times, immediate treatment is necessary. If there is no treatment, then it will lead to thyroid and kidney failure.

What if you still want to give your dog calamari?

If you still decide to give your dog calamari, always check the amount you give him/her. Avoid throwing a bunch daily into the food bowl of your dog. Focus on moderation. First, give your dog a very small portion of steamed or boiled calamari.

Avoid feeding grilled or fried squids to your pets. It is either you boil or steam it.

Additionally, if you want to feed seafood to your dog, mix it with his/her daily food so that your dog will not abstain from eating normal food. This is possible because calamari is very tasty. You must always feed dog-specific food to your dog; never neglect that.

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