can dogs eat tortillas

Tortilla Is a trendy Mexican dish that can be found in almost any restaurant in Mexico. This dish is known to be highly tasty and even placed in high regard. No person on Earth won’t love to eat this fantastic dish, and even some who haven’t can’t wait to eat one.

Though this dish seems relatively harmless to humans, can the same be said about our dogs? With that question in mind, it must have gotten you on edge. You may be wondering right now if it is safe to feed your dog tortillas – can dogs have tortillas?

Well, the truth is, if you may have to give your dogs tortillas on special occasions in the past, it is not all that bad in itself, but does it mean you should continue? Tortillas contain flour and corn, either corn kernel or flour majorly.

This could be dangerous to a dog with allergies to corn and could cause serious health challenges to your dog. Another thing is that tortillas also contain flour, which is harmful to dogs because of its high cholesterol levels. This means that your dog could get fat eating excess tortillas.

… could be dangerous to a dog with allergies to corn and could cause serious health challenges to your dog …

Dogs can still be giving homemade tortillas with freshly generated ingredients, but this must be in small quantities and on special occasions. But you should avoid giving your dogs industrial tortillas, for it contains some ingredients that can threaten your dogs’ health.

Let’s look at some ingredients and processes of industrial tortillas which could be harmful to the overall health of your dogs.

Ingredients Used In Processing Industrial Tortillas

Industrial tortillas pass through a series of processes. And even some ingredients which may be harmful to the overall health of your dogs. Let’s look at some of these ingredients and processes.

Corn Kernels And Cornflour

This is commonly used in the processing of corn tortillas. These ingredients have many health benefits but could cause harm to your dogs due to high allergenic levels. So before feeding your dog tortillas containing corn, make sure to check if your dog is allergic.

Amylase/ Xylanases

This ingredient has good health benefits for our dogs, but make sure to give them tortillas containing an excess of these ingredients.

Nixtamalization Process

Yes, this is not an ingredient but a process used in most industrial-made tortillas. It is the process of cooking corn In an alkaline solution of limewater or calcium hydroxide. Food grade hydroxide processing could be regarded as safe for dogs, while the industrial-grade is harmful and could kill your dog.


Salt is also a common ingredient for tortillas. However, tortillas containing salt should not be given in excess to our dogs, for it can cause dehydration in dogs, which could lead to heatstroke or, even worse, death.

Many other ingredients are used in tortillas, such as onions, garlic, and other ingredients. These ingredients are very harmful to your dogs. And so owners should consider these factors before feeding their dogs tortillas.

Conclusion “Can Dogs Eat Tortillas?”

The main question of our article was “Can Dogs Eat Tortillas”? It’s safe to say that it is unwise to feed your dog industrial-made tortillas. This is because you can not determine what ingredients are used in the processing. So if you must feed your dogs tortillas, it’s best you do so at home with proper care and should also feed your dogs in small quantities to be safe.


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