Can Dogs Eat Dragon Fruit

Adding new exotic fruits to your diet can be an exciting thing too. Adding the change of diet to your dog’s meal is also fun. Making this new step can be of different reason.

For example, you probably feel like introducing new flavors to your dogs, want to provide your dog’s body with different nutrients, or have probably been thinking of low-calorie and sweet snacks to feed the dogs that will not make them gain weight.

Implementing this decision can be very challenging because you have to do thorough research to determine if the exotic fruit that is not common is safe for your dog to eat. Giving a dog dragon fruit is not common, so you need to know if your dog will enjoy eating dragon fruits.

Can Dogs Eat Dragon Fruit?

Dragon fruits have no trace of being toxic to dogs; therefore, yes! Your dogs can safely eat dragon fruits. Dragon fruits are fully packed with ingredients, sweet, and very yummy fruits, so definitely your dogs will enjoy eating dragon fruits.

Pitaya is what most people call dragon fruits. This fruit has many health benefits to humans and your dogs; hence, both you and your dog can have a great time eating this fruit together.

There is always a right and wrong way to prepare a snack. However, you need to make sure you know the right way to prepare the dragon fruit. It is common for some dogs to reject a snack that is not probably prepared, so if you don’t want your dog to reject your meal, then try your best to make it as yummy as possible.

Dragon fruit skin is usually tough to eat and takes time to digest; all you want is to enjoy eating the flesh, not focusing on the spiky, pink, and leather skin. When introducing a new diet to a dog, it is best done with a small quantity at a time because if they consume too much, it can cause a disturbance to the stomach and make the stool. It is like when a human eats a new meal; too much can upset the stomach, leading to stooling, so dogs are not exempted.

Dragon fruit has a mushy texture, and it is very soft. Some dogs may find it hard to enjoy the fruit because of the texture. But as time pass and you keep up on giving them dragon fruit, they will become used to eating it. So yes, dogs can have a dragon fruit.

Therefore there are ways to know if your dog can have dragon fruits. Below are the signs to know if your dogs can eat dragon fruit

  • Body Language

The dog’s body language will give you a sign to know if your dog likes dragon fruit. This body language includes;

  • Drooling Whale eye
  • Licking of ears lip
  • Raising, wagging, and whining of tail
  • Staring alert
  • Staring directly at you or the fruit
  • Licking their lips and begging for more
  • Puppy cry

When your dogs start showing these signs, try to notice it and don’t make them beg too much.

Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit (Human and Dogs)

  •  Dragon fruit helps to improve eyesight
  • It helps to lower the risk of hypertension
  • It helps to reduce blood sugar levels from diabetes individuals
  • The antioxidant and high vitamin C in dragon fruit make it able to boost the immune system of dogs and make them healthy
  • It prevents different diseases like cancer and heart disease
  • It protects the coats and skin of dogs and makes them shiny and strong

Conclusion: Can Dogs Have Dragon Fruit?

Yes, dogs can eat dragon fruit and enjoy it if you prepare it adequately. It has a lot of benefits to your dog. Try not to give them the skin. If you follow the directions carefully, then you can confidently add dragon fruit to your dog’s diet.

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