Can Dogs Eat Arugula

When deciding on what your dog should eat, it is vital to do your research because any mistake, no matter how innocent, could very well be fatal to your dog.

An Arugula is a leafy green vegetable packed with calcium and vitamin A and is very helpful in combating cancer and making our bones and immune system strong. These attributes make it a very healthy choice of food for humans, but what about dogs? Can they consume Arugula?

To put it simply, dogs CAN eat Arugula as it is not toxic to them and, when given in small portions, will not have any profound side effect on the health of your dog. However, as rich as arugulas are in minerals and vitamins, they are goitrogenic and can affect the regulation of one’s metabolism.

For this reason, it is advised to give your dog Arugula in tiny portions, especially if it is raw. Note that if your dog is iodine deficient, on no account should it be fed Arugula or any other goitrogenic food. To be confident of what you’re feeding your dog, it is wise to seek advice from your veterinarian before including it in your dog’s diet.


Arugula is an okay choice of food for your dog because of its nutritional value. However, it will be wise to cook this leafy vegetable before offering it to your dog. Cooking the Arugula reduces the goitrogens it contains, making it safer for consumption. But, whether it is cooked or raw, serve it in tiny portions to avoid any problems. Better yet, consult with a vet for clearer instructions.

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