Can Dogs Eat Jicama

Jicama is a potato-like vegetable with a lot of nutritional value to humans. Jicama is low in calories and high in fiber. This makes it very easy to digest. Jicama promotes the overall digestive system of humans.

With all these pleasing sing attributes this vegetable has, does it make it suitable for dogs? Yes, that is the answer. Jicama is very good for dogs. It not only boosts the digestive system but also helps improve their overall immune.

Jicama also includes vitamin C, which helps the dog’s system, calcium, and iron, which help the dog’s teeth and bones. It also is very crunchy and can also help clean the dog’s teeth. In any way, look at it, jicama is good all around for dogs. But what percussions should be taken when feeding your dog’s jicama? Let’s find out in the next section.

Safety Percussions When Feeding Your Dogs Jicama

Though it is safe for our furry friends who eat jicama, some safety precautions are needed when eating jicama vegetables. Let’s look at some of those safety measures required for jicama.

  • Eat Only The Fleshly Part!

Jicama looks just like a potato. The only difference between jicama and a potato, aside from the taste, is that not all parts can be eaten. Some parts of the jicama are very poisonous and could permanently damage your dog’s health, even killing them. So if you desire to prepare jicama for your dogs, use only the fleshly part.

  • Don’t Prepare The Stem

The jicama stem should not be prepared at all and should be avoided like the plague. This stem is highly poisonous and could not only cause your dog extreme pain but could also kill your dog.

The only eatable part of jicama is the white root, which looks like a potato. This part of the jicama holds all the nutritional value needed to provide your dog with a healthy, stable life.

Now that we have seen what parts of jicama are safe for eating let’s look into various ways. Prepare jicama.

The Best Way To Prepare Jicama For Your Dog

Jicama can be prepared in about three ways, depending on the dog’s age you plan on giving. If you plan to give jicama to an adult dog, there is probably no need for a ceremony. You can chop it up into large pieces. This will not only help improve your dog’s teeth but will keep them engaged for an extended period. This can be an excellent way to keep your dog busy while you leave to take care of other matters.

If you plan to feed a puppy with little teeth, it won’t shred it a little thinner. This is because your pup’s teeth’s haven’t fully developed. And if you ever feel as though doing that will still not make things easier for your puppy, you can also try steaming it for a few minutes to soften it up.


Jicama is safe and suitable for your dogs. It not only improves their immune system but also gives them solid teeth and bones. So what are you waiting for? Get your dogs some jicamas.

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